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Talent depends on inspiration, but success lies in the effort of the entire team focused on the project.

At Kreilabs, we focus on working with your company to obtain and master the tools that propel you forward. 


Odoo ERP product for Business

Odoo is modular, customizable and easy to use.
It allows you to implement tools that will improve your business.

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Odoo ERP product for Geodistributed companies 

The multi-company Odoo solution allows companies to integrate their different subsidiaries in each country; They can create multiple companies in the same database and define the organizational structure that best suits their needs, analyzing the information in an integrated way and in functional currency.

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 Development service


We offer you flexibility to adapt to your requirements: we cover the entire process or we complement your team with roles that strengthen it.

Our team of software development experts is ready to design and manufacture custom 
products that meet your specific needs.

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Software Factory product


Software development companies have different needs at each stage of their project: we offer you a comprehensive service to help you throughout the software creation process, from analysis and design to implementation and testing.

Our multidisciplinary team is prepared to adapt to the needs of each project, working together with your development team to add value at each stage and achieve a high-quality final product.

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Web3 product


We offer you web3 and blockchain application development services: 
From cases for product traceability to the creation of non-fungible tokens.

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Partner service


We partner with you to understand your business needs and goals, and provide 
customized solutions to help you achieve them.

Together, we will create innovative and effective technological experiences 
to grow your business

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 Web solution


We work on the analysis of the specific requirements and needs of your business for the 
implementation of an online platform.

From there, we develop a customized solution in order for your customers to access into a wide 
catalog of products and make their purchases quickly and easily.

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Consulting and IT projects product

In the last 20 years, Kreilabs team of co-founders has implemented technological solutions projects 
for the
most varied industries. 

Our experience supports us.