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Improve the growth of your company with Odoo, the comprehensive open source solution for business management.

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Odoo is a flexible and adaptable ERP to your business.

We offer you all the power of Odoo, added to the custom development necessary for your company to optimize its processes and increase efficiency.


We have a team of collaborators specialized in adapting Odoo to the specifications that each location and business require.

This powerful Open Source tool, combined with our extensive experience in business software implementations, is an excellent strategy for success in digital transformation projects.

We are distinguished by the passion, transparency and responsibility to accompany you throughout the journey of each project.


It gives you a quick and complete view of what is happening in your business.


  Adapts to all types of devices, access and operate from wherever
you are.


  It is constantly growing and adapting to technological changes; It is kept in force by a huge community of professionals.


 Don't be tied to your IT provider, any qualified partner can give you the appropriate support.

Odoo's modular design allows you to create solutions adaptable to the needs of each stage of your company. It grows as you face the real need to integrate new tools.

Odoo covers all the needs of your business in a comprehensive solution, avoid a bad decision when selecting the ERP for your management.

One app for every need  

A simple and very effective methodology  


Phase 1:  Project rating

  Business analysis, GAP analysis, Proof of concept,
project phases and cost

Phase 2:   Kick - Off

Align with decision makers on methodology and training.

Phase 3:    Implementation

Analysis, development, configuration and training.

Phase 4:   Go - Live

Production monitoring.

Odoo ERP

A world-class, open source ERP that offers a complete business management platform at an incredible price.

Odoo is modular, customizable and easy to use, it will allow you to implement tools that improve your business: CRM, eCommerce, Point of Sale, Billing, Accounting, Purchase Management and Inventory.

A multi-company solution that allows companies to integrate their different subsidiaries.

You can create multiple companies in the same database and define the organizational structure that best suits your needs.

Each company can have its own set of users, customers, suppliers, products, inventories, accounting accounts and documents, but at the same time information can be shared between them. In addition, Odoo offers financial and management analysis tools so you can monitor the performance of each company and make informed decisions.

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