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Odoo ERP 

Gold Partners​

Odoo is a world-class, open source ERP that offers a complete business management platform at an incredible price.

It is modular, customizable and easy to use, it will allow you to implement tools that improve your business: CRM, eCommerce, Point of Sale, Billing, Accounting, Purchase and Inventory Management and an app for every need.

A flexible and scalable ERP that adapts to both SMEs and Large Companies. 

Kreilabs has reached the highest level of expertise in Odoo implementation by becoming Odoo-GoldPartners.  


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Besides our services as technology providers, we can become your technology partners.. 

We partner with you to understand your business needs and goals – providing customized solutions in order for you achieve them.

Together, we create innovative and effective technological experiences to get your business off the ground. 

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If you need a custom application for mobile devices or cross-platform development, we are here to help you.   

We offer you flexibility to adapt to your requirements: we cover the entire manufacturing process and complement your team with roles that strengthen it.

Our team of experts in software development, is ready to design and manufacture custom software products that align with your specific needs.

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We like to define ourselves as a capable, accessible and direct team. We seek to provide effective,
creative and innovative solutions based on our extensive experience and constant training.

We are passionate about technology and challenges.

Some of the companies that trust our solutions

I.Q. Alvaro R. Casco

Director - General Manager - Biraden

“We appreciate the support of the Kreilabs company, who worked with us to obtain a quality solution, managing the Odoo ERP project with passion and responsibility”.

December, 2022



Alejandro Villa

Secretary of finance - Sintep

“We are very satisfied with the time management and communication throughout the development of our platform.”.

January, 2022



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